Barrage of mining requests targets Brazil’s isolated indigenous peoples (with Mongabay)

The second story in our special about mining requests in indigenous lands has been published by Mongabay. Read the english version here.

Key points:

  • Nearly 4,000 requests have been submitted for mining-related activities on 31 indigenous reserves and 17 protected areas in Brazil, according to recently obtained data from the nongovernmental Socio-Environmental Institute (ISA) and the National Mining Agency.
  • The targeted areas are home to 71 known isolated indigenous communities, a group whose population is already considered one of the most vulnerable in the country.
  • The requests are part of a wave of sweeping measures led by President Jair Bolsonaro to clear the way for widespread exploitation of indigenous lands for mining, oil, natural gas, hydroelectric plants, ranching and more.
  • While deforestation in the Amazon increased by an average of 25% last year, and by 80% on indigenous lands, deforestation rates in areas where isolated peoples are present rose by 114% last year compared with 2018; when compared with 2017, the rate of increase was 364%.

Maurício Angelo

Jornalista investigativo especializado em mineração, Amazônia, Cerrado, Direitos Humanos e crise climática. Fundador do Observatório da Mineração. Como freelancer, publicou matérias na Mongabay, Repórter Brasil, Intercept Brasil, Pulitzer Center, Thomson Reuters Foundation, Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP), Unearthed, Folha de S. Paulo, UOL, Investimentos e Direitos na Amazônia e outros. Vencedor do Prêmio de Excelência Jornalística da Sociedade Interamericana de Imprensa (2019).

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